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Our staff and providers have been blessed with great customers like yourself who have referred friends and family to our office. Thank you! In addition to your referrals, we hope you wouldn’t mind doing us one more favor – our online presence has become really important to our business. If you don’t mind, please take a moment to review Billings Dermatology & Aesthetics online – we’ve included some links to our online profiles below. We sincerely appreciate your time and support,

The Staff at Billings Dermatology & Aesthetics

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Five Star Rating for Jeani Link from a Massage Patient:

“In 1976 I suffered severe head trauma – but did ok. In 1989 my husband and I were hit with lightning that messed with my head trauma. My health took a nosedive from there. Lymph glands wouldn’t drain and it was recommended to have medical massage. I can now put socks on with foot on knee. I no longer walk in a sitting position. I have renewed living and at 77 that’s great. Jeani is excellent and I recommend her to anyone. I believe her hands are blessed by the lord.”

Nicole GarfieldRyegate MT

Five Star Rating from a Dermatology Patient:

“Wonderful experience – Dr. Riddle and medical staff are amazing – Receptionists are friendly, approachable and helpful.  Been a patient for years.”

Susan RushBillings MT

Five Star Rating from a Spa Patient:

“I’m African American and was nervous the tattoo wouldn’t fade, but because Jeani is the best she has given me the results I was hoping for.”

Latia WilliamsBillings MT

Five Star Rating for Dr. Riddle from a Dermatology Patient:

“Great staff, friendly & trust with my health.”

Brad LowryFishtail MT

Five Star Rating from a Dermatology Patient:

“Have been coming for years and would not recommend anyone else. Thank you Dr. Tallman and Reita for taking care of my dad, and now for care of my family. Thank you Dr. Riddle – looking forward to our continued relationship.”

Linda LewallenSheridan WY

Five Star Rating for Jeani from a Spa Patient:

“Very wonderful experience every time. Very friendly. Did very good work. Extremely happy with my experience with tattoo removal procedure.”

Christine WisdomBillings MT

Five Star Rating from a Dermatology Patient:

“Dr. Riddle is a professional with complete confidence in her medical decisions. Her manner puts you at ease immediately about your medical concerns. You know she will give you the best medical care.”

Sherry KennedySheridan WY

Five Star Rating from a Dermatology Patient:

“The two times I have seen Dr. Riddle I was impressed by her professionalism, her thoroughness, her caring personality, time she took with you, overall just a very positive experience.  I highly recommend her.”

Toni ChapelBillings MT

Review from a Dermatology patient:

“Routine visit with Dr. Riddle. First time to meet her. Very nice visit. Efficient and pleasant. Will be happy to recommend.”

Michael MetzlerBillings MT

Five Star Rating for Dr. Riddle from a Dermatology Patient:

“I was experiencing a lot of discomfort with a rash that had cropped up in several locations on my body including my eyes, ears, and edges of my mouth.  The doctor diagnosed it immediately and prescribed an ointment that started working the 2nd day!”

Kathy MichaelBillings MT