For our established patients, some follow-up dermatology appointments can be scheduled through telehealth visits.  These might be prescription refill appointments, routine follow-ups, or appointments for acne, rashes or other skin conditions that can be managed medically.

How does it work?

You would need a computer or smartphone with internet access and a camera.  You would check in to our virtual waiting room at and your appointment would be just like a skype or facetime conversation, except on a website that is secure and HIPAA compliant.

How to check in (15 minutes prior to appointment):

Telehealth with Tanya Riddle, MD:  Go to

Telehealth with Laine Elam, PA-C:  Go to

Telehealth with Kynzie Oliver, PA-C:  Go to

Telehealth with Melanie Lehman, PA-C:  Go to

Once you are at the provider site you will be prompted to enter your name.  You will then be in the provider’s virtual ‘waiting room’.

Tips for a successful telehealth visit:

  • Connect to the online site 15 minutes prior to your visit.
  • Perform the pre-call test before your visit, which takes about 30 seconds. You can find the Pre-call test button in the virtual waiting room. This test will walk you thru the steps to enable your camera and microphone, which are required for a telehealth visit.
  • Find a quiet place and reduce any distractions. Turn off alarms and sounds on other devices.
  • Choose a well-lit spot so your healthcare provider can see your face.
  • Make sure the camera is steady your camera is at eye level.
  • Keep paper and pen nearby to take notes during your telehealth appointment
  • Stay focused – avoid driving, eating or other distractions during your appointment.
  • Please be patient while waiting for your visit. Just like a regular in-person office visit, providers sometimes run behind schedule.

How does the billing work?

We document and bill for the visit just as we would an in-office visit.  Some insurance companies require coinsurance and copays – check with your insurance company to be sure.  It is important that we have your current insurance information and mailing address – please let us know if these have changed.

What visits can’t happen over televideo?

Suspicious lesions, full body exams, or anything that might require a destruction, biopsy, or other surgical procedure.

Please call 406-294-9515 to schedule your appointment.