Expert Skincare You Can Trust

Welcome to the Aesthetics Clinic in Billings, Montana. We are an advanced aesthetic center, where the medical treatments and the cosmetic treatments come together.

We are committed to making your skin and your overall appearance the best that it can be. Under the supervision of Dr. Tanya Riddle, the Aesthetics Clinic strives to provide the latest, state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic treatments, with extraordinary personal care that exceeds every patient’s expectations.

Dr. Riddle loves the challenge of staying up-to-date in the quickly advancing field of cosmetic dermatology. Her expertise ensures that all treatments offered have been scientifically proven to improve the appearance or health of your skin.

While we create a welcoming atmosphere, it is important to know that the cosmetic skin treatments in the Aesthetics Clinic are performed by medically trained professionals working in the safe and sanitary environment of a doctor’s office.

The staff at the aesthetic clinic are committed to providing excellent service to our clients.  All of our skincare consultations and laser treatments are provided by licensed estheticians with advanced skincare and laser training under the supervision of our Board-Certified dermatologist.

Our mission at the Aesthetics Clinic is to maintain an atmosphere of compassionate attention, professionalism, and excellence in care. We focus on educating our clients in maintaining healthy skin and treating and preventing the signs of aging. We strive to do this through offering the most advanced technologies and through promoting the highest quality of skincare products, as well as providing the best therapeutic and aesthetic services available.

Your results as a patient are important to us. Our licensed estheticians will map out a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Browse our site for detailed information on all of our non-invasive cosmetic procedures as well as aesthetic treatments.

Consultations are free with our licensed estheticians. For new dermal filler patients, the injecting provider will require a $100 dermal filler consultation prior to scheduling your treatment. We do this to better understand your treatment goals, and to ensure you are a good candidate for dermal fillers. The consultation fee will be applied toward your chosen treatment. Dermal filler consultation fees are nonrefundable, but may be applied to other treatments if it is determined you are not a candidate for dermal fillers.

Policy Update:
Beginning January 2024, we will require a credit card to secure all Aesthetic Clinic appointments. In the event of missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours, we will charge a $35 missed appointment fee for appointments less than one hour, and a $100 missed appointment fee for appointments greater than one hour. Missed appointment fees are non-refundable fees for the time allocated for the appointment.

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